A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


MineDuel is a 2-Player Pixel Game made for the Palette Jam in 24 hours. The object is to collect as many coins (more than your opponent) in 45 seconds. Make sure you have a friend to play it with!


W,A,S,D to move. That's it!


The Underground is home to many coin-hungry creatures. When two rivals found a spot that nobody else found that contained over 10 million coins, they decided that they each wanted all of it. A fight for the coins will decide who gets it. However, because the atmosphere in that area is not habitable, they only have 45 seconds each time to get as many coins as possible.


Install instructions


Just extract the zip file using an application such as WinRAR and open the exe (Windows Application File). You'll be able to play the game from there. 

-- MAC OS --

There is an error (sorry) right now.


MineDuel - Windows 20 MB
MineDuel - MacOS 36 MB


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Hey unfueled,

Loved this game! Me and my sister spent quite a while playing this, and it was pretty fun! One thing I would say, you seem to be able to go off the brown area, and disappear off the screen. Not sure if that was intended, but it happened :) Well put together for a jam, and the audio fit the game well. Overall, good submission, but it might've benefited from a twist like AI or an enemy or something, because it became repetitive after a while.  Best of luck!